How to test the quality of liquid fertilizer

Orchid, if i may say is one of the plant that know how to show their gratitude and desperation. They quickly respond to any kind of feed you give them. If they like it they grow better, if they hate it they will get burn or (most times) they die in an instant. So pay attention! for scientist who like to see the immediate result of liquid fertilizer, orchid is the best object!

I used to find out the effect, or benefit of particular liquid fertilizer through orchids responds. I have lots of cattleya orchids for my experiment (i’m sorry if in your country it’s too expensive, but here it grows like crazy!) I used to find out how much is the best dosage, how it effect the growth of roots, leafs and flowers, is it harmful to the plant or not, is it balance or not (sometimes, the fertilizer only works on growing leaves or flower, it suffers the plant), etc. Just dilute the fertilizer with water, pour it in a sprayer and spray it all over the plant.

So, try one, because orchids is almost naked plant (no soil) you can see immediately if it grows new roots or stems. And it happens really quick 2-3 days only! so keep an eye on it!


About 3astiti

A Garden freak, crazy about planting vegetables, herbs and flowers specially from abroad. This Balinese girl loves challenges to grow subtropical plant in tropical area.
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