How to grow French Lavender (Lavandula dentata)under hot tropical climate of Bali’s low land, Indonesia

I got my first french lavender from a farm in Bedugul, it wasn’t a great surprise that Bedugul has lavender because it’s a mountainside which has cooler environment temperature.

The problem occurs when i moved it to my house that is much lower area and much higher temperature. First i put it at a shaded area under mango tree, then i searched at internet how to take care of it. It was a huge mistake because in the internet all the advises are for subtropical area which are cooler and the most problem they have is the frost of the winter time. The huge different is when you start to grow a new plant out of it. My advice, don’t follow the internet just how they plant it.

This is how i plant lavender successfully:

1. In the afternoon when the temperature has lower down, I prepare the media that is 1 part of compost and 3 part of lumpy soil (this you can easily find under banana tree close to it’s root, when it’s dry it forms a big granule). This kind of soil is important to retain the moisture at the first start of growth. Not the sandy soil like the internet said.

2. I mixed the media and put it into a small polybag until 10 cm deep. I watered it until very moist-almost soggy (you knew it when you start able to make a ball out of it when you squeeze it with your hand)

3. I took a sharp stainless steel scissor and cut the lavender stem 10-15 cm from the tip (cut the green side not the brown side below). Cut 2-3 mm from the part where the leafs came out and then I cut off all leafs from the base of the stem until 5 cm.

4. I took a tooth pick and made a hole in the soil before i plant the lavender stem (right, no need of growth hormone), I stick the lavender stem in the hole i just made for 5 cm deep.

5. I put it in an outdoor shaded area protected from rain. (find a place that still bright but doesn’t get the direct sunlight and safe from rain)

6. I water it lightly when the soil gets dry (normally every 2-3 days for about 3 spoons of water)

7. When the plant started to have roots (you know this when the plant look steady and still has green color at the stem base, normally 2 weeks after planting) i moved it into my blue fiberglass shading area so that it can have light sun ray for hours and grow.

8. I fertilized it with cow manure compost, liquid egg fertilizer and sometimes fish emulsion every one week.

9. When I saw the polybag is overloaded with the root then it’s time to transplant it into larger well drained pot using the same mixture of media. I loosen the bottom soil a little bit before putting it in the new pot to distract the root so it will grow again in the new soil, then i watered it until moist enough.

Here is 6 weeks lavender


About 3astiti

A Garden freak, crazy about planting vegetables, herbs and flowers specially from abroad. This Balinese girl loves challenges to grow subtropical plant in tropical area.
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