How to grow chamomile under hot tropical climate of Bali’s low land, Indonesia

First you need to have very good seeds to start growing. I got it from my dutch guest, you know that Dutch has the unbelievable great seeds!.

Here’s how i did it:

1. I prepared my small well drained starting pot filled with soil and compost

2. I sprinkled the chamomile seeds on top of it and watered it

3. I put the pot in a white container and put it at full sun area (i opened the container lid a little bit so the air can enter through the container)

4. I watered it when the top soil gets dry (don’t over water it) , and after a month i took it from the container and put it in a blue fiberglass shaded and full sun area. (it’s funny i thought i was mistaken when i made a shading out of blue fiberglass because my plant will only get blue ray, but it’s not, i found my plant grew faster than the white plastic shaded area, i wonder why)

5. I transplanted it carefully into larger pot when they seemed more strong and steady

6. I fertilized it with compost made from cow manure every two weeks. (i know it sounds ridiculous to fertilize chamomile, but under hot tropical area they need it to grow, believe me, i’ve tried the unfertilized chamomile they grew dwarf and ugly, i’ve try it on french lavender too!)

after 2 month here they are


About 3astiti

A Garden freak, crazy about planting vegetables, herbs and flowers specially from abroad. This Balinese girl loves challenges to grow subtropical plant in tropical area.
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4 Responses to How to grow chamomile under hot tropical climate of Bali’s low land, Indonesia

  1. sekarjempina says:

    kalo udah berbunga saya mau donk mbak bijinya…… saya nggak tau white container dan blue fiberglassnya seperti apa ya mbak? 🙂 metode yang sama bisa diterapkan di surabaya nggak ya?

    • 3astiti says:

      bisa, saya coba di denpasar yg lumayan panas, cuma harus dari stek, bukan dr biji, saya cb dari biji gagal terus. ada di toko bangunan fiberglass warna biru dipakai untuk menutupi atasnya spy ga terkena matahari lgsg

  2. Ben says:

    Hi. I like to ask you more about your chamomile and was wondering if you could kindly send me an email?
    Thank you.

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